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Château des Montgommery
The chateau of Montgommery,
it’s quite a story …

The chateau of Ducey is located along the Selune river. Classified Historical Monument, it was built in the first twenty years of the 17th century under the reign of Henri IV, by Gabriel II of Montgommery, the son of the regicide.

Beautiful ceilings decorated with paintings, imposing fireplaces and a monumental staircase testify to an ambitious and innovative architectural project due to a powerful Protestant lord whose family has marked the history of France.

Investigation game

This game is open to everyone during the whole season period of the castle!

3 real life investigations to allow anybody to discover the Ducey castle and live-out exciting adventures.

New riddles !

Level I - The horse of Henri II

You are part of the royal guard of Henri II and he gives you the mission to find his horse named "Malheureux" (Unhappy). 

He disappeared the day before a big tournament.

Your mission calls upon of your sense of observation and deduction. Clues have been scattered throughout the castle and a list of suspects has been handed to you, to help with your investigation.


Cluedo En-tête V0.jpg
DSC_0021 (2) détouré.png
Affiche Malcontents.jpg
 Level II - Malcontents


The restorer of the ceiling of Vénus is wanted by the police for thefts and recel of paintings.


Before he escaped on the time machine, he had time to hide the most prestigious painting in Ducey castle. He then challenged the police to find it following clues he hid throughout the castle.

Pub jeu3 b.jpg
détouré montre.png
Level III - Murder at the distillery


Following the unsolved murder that happened in the castle's old distillery back in 1923, the case has been reopened. Only, the investigator in charge of this case was murdered too.

Using your phone, your mission is to find out who murdered those two people.


It is the most difficult level of the Ducey Code, it is recommended for people over 15 years old and familiar with games on smartphones.

(Only available in french)

Will you dare to defy time?

Saturday October 26, come and carry out the investigation at the Ducey Code, plunged in darkness.

Equipped only with your flashlight, will you manage to solve the castle's frightening puzzles?


Other surprises await you this Halloween evening! From 8 years old (certain scenes may offend the sensitivity of younger people). Flashlight and pen not provided!

wix Halloween.jpg
jeu d'enquête
Infos pratiques
Useful information

Montgommery Castle can be visited as well as the game Ducey-Code in the afternoon and guided tours are organized in the evening.

© OTMSMN - photo-grant -51701570766_26a13e7cc0_k
Opening hours 2024 Ducey Code visits
Including : Game of choice and/or self-guided 
visit available in english and french.


from 2pm to 6pm*,

Saturday and Sunday

and Wednesday to Sunday

from April 6th to May 5th


Every day, from July 1st to August 31st

from 10am to 6pm*


from 2pm to 6pm*

 Saturday and Sunday

and Wednesday to Sunday

from Oct. 23rd to Nov. 3rd

*last entry at 5pm

Open on holydays


Fermeture exceptionnelle du château
les lundis 12, 19 et 26 août

Opening hours 2024  nocturnal tours
(without investigation game)

July 9th-11th-16th-18th-23rd-25th
August 6th-8th-13th-15th-20th-22nd-27th-29th

 at 8.30pm.

Duration : approximately 1 hr 30 mins

Prices : guided night tour

Full price : 8€

Reduced price : 5€ ( 5-18 years old,

 job seekers)

Children under 5 years old : free

Prices of visit

Full price : 6€

Reduced price : 3€ (5-18 years, 

Children under - job seekers)

5 years old : free

Galerie photo/video/RS
Video gallery
Photo gallery
vue arérienne du château
Plafond à la française
Le vieux pont
© OTMSMN - photo-grant -51702457050_8a842e5dc3
Le vieux pont
Parc du château
Château des Montgommery
Office de tourisme de Ducey
© OTMSMN - photo-grant -51701571286_9cd8acbcc4_k
Entrée du château
Escalier monumental
Tricot nature
© OTMSMN - photo-grant -51701570891_cf334190b6_K
Escalier intérieur
Plafond en papiers mâchés

Many thanks to our supportive partners !

Sélune Culture et Patrimoine
Meubles d'hier et d'aujourd'hui
02 33 58 40 40
Pierre-Yves Halley 
inventeur de la 
machine à remonter
le temps
Services techniques de la ville de Ducey Les-Chéris
02 33 48 50 52
Bibliothèque Le Pressoir
à Ducey-Les Chéris
02 33 48 10 86

Histothèque Jean-Vitel

Thank you to hall our Ducéens friends for donating objects,
for their support and their personnal investment !

Tourist Office of Ducey-Les Chéris:

Ducey Code 

Château des Montgommery

4 Rue du Général Leclerc

50220 Ducey Les-Chéris

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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